Geoff Achison – Another Mile, Another Minute

Australian blues/roots singer/songwriter, guitar sensation Geoff Achison, who invokes the spirit of the great blues & soul artists to create his original sound, hit the United Kingdom and American shores with a vengeance for an extensive CD release tour March through May 2017. This album won FIVE 2017 Australian Blues Music Awards in February!

We’re thrilled to preview his brand new studio album, Another Mile, Another Minute, with 14 original cuts, here.  Released with worldwide distribution in March 2017.  Stream the Album below.    

Another Mile, Another Minute is Geoff’s 14th solo effort and demonstrates notable growth in his songwriting. The genre bending album features horn players, backup singers and the best session and live players on offer in Australia. Long time Souldiggers Roger McLachlan and Mal Logan were part of the early days of the Little River Band. Guest players Chris Wilson, Lloyd Spiegel and Shannon Bourne are well known names in the roots world of Oz with their own well established careers. Geoff is honored to have these prominent musicians on Another Mile, Another Minute. He feels the delicious groove present throughout the album is due to the intuitive way he and his core band play, and the creative spark the guest players were able to bring. Recording was done at HS45 Studios in Melbourne, Australia. Production  by Ben Harwood, Rob Harwood, and Geoff Achison.

Reviews for Another Mile, Another Minute:

(This disc) is brilliantly eclectic and wide ranging, clearly one of the best albums I’ve heard so far in 2017.”  Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine

“The vet Australian roots rocker comes back with his first new set in way too long and it should serve to be an international career maker. A killer amalgam of 70s sounds from before MTV and AOR codified everything and there was room for something with a beating heart to break through, this set is already up for every award in it’s home turf and it’s easy to see why. Folk? Blues? Roots? It’s all here and it sounds glorious without a pre fab note in the bunch. Well done.”  Midwest Record

Achison refines a type of emotional realism ideally tailored to his gift for songwriting. “High Wire” in particular makes a strong claim to be a minor masterpiece of conflated blues, rock and soul.”  4 Stars.    Frank John-Hadley, Downbeat Magazine

“Geoff Achison is a gift to all lovers of American blues and roots, and this may be his best album yet.”   Rhetta Akamatsu, Making A Scene!

“This recording is his crowning achievement. Buckle ‘em up and take the ride…” Black Jack Ketchum, WRFG-FM

“Achison seems to channel the legendary soul and blues greats while crafting a sound that is uniquely his.  All fourteen songs are masterfully written, performed, recorded and produced. The result is some of the rawest yet smoothest song crafting you’ll hear this year.”   Randy Patterson, Boomercity

BIO and credits:

Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna fame said of Achison, “Geoff is one of the finest blues guitarists that I know with a completely individual style.  I have never seen anyone play quite like him.”Kaukonen is such a fan of Achison’s playing that he’s made him a charter guitar instructor at his celebrated Fur Peace Ranch in Ohio, teaching there for 17 years.

Since first arriving to tour in the U.S. in the mid 1990s, Geoff Achison has garnered consistently strong reviews. Down Beat magazine lauded his music as, “Catchy, intelligent songwriting. Achison controls an expressive, individual singing voice and he spills out blues guitar phrases that shed further light on various emotional states.” Elmore Magazine said, “Achison seems more like a singer/songwriter’s soul in Jeff Beck’s body.”  And perhaps the celebrated Times of London said it best when it called him, Possibly one of the most gifted musicians to arrive on the scene … his playing verges on the miraculous.”

At an early age, Geoff developed a passion for American blues music and taught himself to play on a beat up guitar he discovered under the stairs of the family home.In his early 20s, he became lead guitarist with Australia’s acknowledged blues master Dutch Tilders. After six successful years he left to pursue his own musical ideas and formed the first incarnation of his own band, The Souldiggers.

Geoff started his worldwide explorations in 1995 with his first trip to the USA. He represented the Melbourne Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and won the coveted Albert King Award for his guitar skills. He went on to accept an endorsement deal with the Gibson Guitar Company’s acoustic division. In 2014 he became endorsed by Lichty Guitars and Goodsell Amplifiers.

He has won numerous awards over the years for writing, performing and recording. A Guitar Player Magazine reader’s poll voted Geoff  Top Ten Hot New Guitarists.” In 2011, the folks at TrueFire/Guitar Player put Geoff on the list of the “100+ Most Gifted Guitarists You Should Know.”   In 2012 Geoff was listed as one of the “Top 50 Australian Guitarists of All Time.”

He has had a long connection to top musicians in the USA.  In 2010, Geoff teamed up with Athens, Georgia legend Randall Bramblett and a new “super-group” was born. They released a live album, Jammin’ in the Attic, with Yonrico Scott, Ted Pecchio and Oliver Wood superbly backing them up. Captured live playing a red-hot show at the famous Eddie’s Attic, in Decatur, Georgia, the CD was officially released by Hittin’ the Note Records.

Geoff Achison is managed and booked in the U.S. by Nancy Lewis-Pegel of Brilliant Productions (404) 312-6237 / Contact her for interviews and more information and visit  Distribution through Landslide Records. promotion with Rick Lusher Radio Promotions.