About Us

Nancy Lewis-Pegel started Brilliant Productions in 1997 as a boutique booking/management agency.  Based in the Atlanta area, our responsibilities expanded for some clients to include management, radio promo, and publicity.  Clients over the years have included (in addition to the current roster) King Johnson, Delta Moon, Michelle Malone, Col. Bruce Hampton, Sean Costello, David Gans and more.  Nancy also works with the record label Landslide and the Magazine/record label Hittin’ the Note. (until it closed in 2015)  She does music booking training and has presented at music conferences such as the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and The Americana Conference in Nashville.  She’s a total believer in how live music can change the world, or at the very least make our own world a little brighter.

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Nancy Lewis-Pegel with musicians Yonrico Scott (from left), Randall Bramblett, , Geoff Achison and Ted Pecchio. (Photo by Rob Pegel)